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Yup, that’s me in Steampunk garb


This is my About page…it will change over time, but here are some details about me. That is why you’re here right?

I am married to the best person to ever exist, have three kids (born 2000-2005) two cats and a snake. I’m currently working in Software Development as a QA Monkey. We live in West Seattle, and love it here. The Pacific Northwest is, by far, the most amazing place to reside I have ever experienced.



My wife and I grew up in Carroll County, Maryland graduating from High School during the best time in American history, the 90’s, from opposing High Schools. At least that is what they tell me…something about sports, band or glee club…I didn’t pay too close attention.

We ended up meeting at a Church Youth Group in 1993 while skiing…funny story really. I had started attending there as my first Church experience, having grown up in a non-church going house. We dated for nearly two years, and after overcoming some obstacles and the rampant stupidity of others, we married on April 20th 1995.

Yes we got married young…very young. Best. Decision. Ever.

After getting married, we moved to Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania to attend Geneva College in 1995. This was the start of some really bad choices. I thought I wanted to go into professional Ministry…or more specially…God wanted me too. We stayed there till January 1998, then we moved to Columbia, Maryland.

We found a great Church Community in Columbia and got very involved in it. We started and led a Youth Group, as well as a Young Adult group. Both of us finished our undergrads from Hope International University…continuing the theme of bad educational choices. I was also introduced to the world of the Southern Baptist Convention, and chose them for Seminary.

I attended the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and earned a Masters of Divinity. No really I did. This was the crowning achievement of stupid decisions in my life thus far.

In 2007 as I approached the end of my Masters, we felt drawn westward. After a bit of searching, thinking, and talking, we decided to move to West Seattle, Washington . We’ve been living there ever since in constant awe of the area.

What I’ll write about:


Geek stuff: I have always been a huge Sci-Fi/Fantasy Geek, and I love to share my obsession with others…you’re welcome. Big fan of Joss Whedon, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Comic Books, and pretty much anything Speculative Fiction. I love Urban Fantasy books from authors like Jim Butcher and Kelley Armstrong as well. I also totally dig Science and Technology.

Spirituality: Here’s the deal. We left the Christian Church in 2011. It was a tough choice to make, and I am still working through the issues associated with it. Be forewarned of this before you read anything in this section. I am still very much interested in spirituality and exploring it, but I do not come from the traditional “Christian” perspective. I see Systematic Theology as the cause of great evil and perversion of reality. I reject Complementarianism, Reformed Theology and all the social stands the Conservative Christian Right is famous for. I’m partly using this section to settle doubt in my mind, and come up with what I believe to be true. I welcome healthy dialog, but not meanness from any side.

Social Issues/Politics: I am an unapologetic Progressive…or least my version of it…and will write about: how we need Universal Health Care, People are More Important than Profit, LGBT Equal Rights, the Environment, and other Progressive issues that are important to me.

Writing: My wife is a writer. Because of her, I have become involved in writing and the writing community. I’ll be writing about writing, and posting some of my original stuff now and again.

Lifestyle: Last year we converted to a Pescetarian diet. We try to eat only fish/seafood plus vegetables, fruits and grains. I’ve found some cool recipes, made some up and tracked down some resources for people trying to eat this way. I have found I feel better, have more energy, and are all around in better health since converting. My system doesn’t like land animals evidently…go figure. We did it originally to reduce my wife’s migraines, and it has made a huge impact in that area.  Beyond that, I am trying my best to get into shape. In 2012 I ran my first 5k in true geek style with the first Run For Your Lives Zombie race here in Washington. I’ve been working on cheap, easy, quick ways of exercising at home. I’ll post stuff about that too.


I’ll also post Random stuff of course…and the occasional funny cat video. It is the internet after all.

So why this site? Well, I find my ramblings are bit too long for Facebook, and I think a broader audience may enjoy them. So here I am.

Cheers all, and “Be Excellent to Each Other”



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