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My favorite Doctor, 11 played by Matt Smith, is leaving Doctor Who. I loved his adventures, especially with Amy Pond (Karen Gillan).

It seems that between David Tennant and Matt Smith, they click really well with one companion (I thought Catherine Tate and David Tennant were great as well though) but when that companion leaves the current Doctor isn’t long for the show.

Doctor Who has always been about the chemistry of the Doctor and his Companion(s). Now that the shock is wearing off, it makes a bit of sense. Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman)  is just no Pond(s). Perhaps she will find her chemistry with the new Doctor.

Like all good Sci-Fi, Doctor Who is about people and their relationships. Character drives the stories, and the situations they find themselves in, alter those relationships. The Whoverse is one of the oldest and richest Sci-Fi universes out there, but it boils down to one Time Lord, his TARDIS, and those who traverse its expanse together.

This, above all, is why the show is one of my favorites. Great writing, great characters, and a Madman in a Box with a Sonic Screwdriver saving the universe time after time.

Looking forward to the heartbreaking Christmas Special now almost as much as the 50th Anniversary.

Bow Ties will forever be cool thanks to you 11.

Matt Smith to quit Doctor Who after Christmas special – Telegraph.

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