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The author and all around bitchin’ economist Paul Krugman

Here is a good write up about the impact the Exchange is having on California as well as some basic “Obamacare” information.

Bottom line, exposure and a transparent marketplace are making Health Insurance Cheaper for most of the people. A single Payer system would be preferable of course, but this is a good sign for those without coverage. It also dispels some persistent assertions that the ACA will make healthcare more expensive through the Exchanges.

Krugman also points out that those states with Republican governors resisting the implementation of the law, are doing nothing but screwing over the uninsured in their states. As the law is implemented and the positive impact outweighs the challenges, these governors will look like even bigger heartless asses. They will come off even more as concerned with making a political stand over the well being of their states citizens.

The Obamacare Shock – NYTimes.com.

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